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The following was "lifted" from a message board and is posted here to be sure you understand what "may" await you!!!

(John Barrick reports) . . . the use of these is at your own risk. I'm not advocating going anywhere you shouldn't or violating any areas marked no trespassing.

Now for a reality check. What problems have you heard of? I've been there four times and have had none. Out of the 15,000 people that have visited the web site since 1997, I've heard of two. It seems as if the State Police use the area between Sideling and Ray's Hill tunnels for high-speed driver training. A person in 1998 reported that she was "buzzed" at high speed while hiking through Sideling Hill tunnel  Hiking in the tunnels is probably not the best idea; they are the only areas specifically marked "no tresspassing" (plus they're very dark  )

The second problem was a person in 1999 reporting getting a ticket ($220) for trespassing on the right-of-way. Since she was outside of the tunnel, and there are no signs except for the tunnels, I probably would have fought that one.

If you use these directions, please post a reply to: 

John Barrick
John Stephens