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Our "Next" Trip ???

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Abandoned Pennsylvania Turnpike
- Breezewood Area Attractions 
- Gettysburg
- Hershey Park
   - Hershey Area Attractions

- Dates
- Map / Directions
- Ideas

- Camping
  - Breezewood Area
  - Gettysburg
  - Hershey Area

By now you probably realize that this page and those pages associated with it are mainly a cumulation of the works of others. Because of these peoples efforts, my family and I have already had a fantastic family experience (Laurel Hill Tunnel). 

I have created this & the associated pages mainly as reference source for myself & my family. I have tried, where possible, to credit the works of others.

You are welcome to use any and all the materials I have collected. If that work is someone else's, please thank them directly.

Hopefully, we will have another during the Summer of 2002.

Below are the pages which have served as the basis for my websites. Please visit them, at your convenience. As these pages have many great pictures, the download time may be lengthy. Please wait for them to completely load. They are worth the wait.


J. Kitsko
Rush Wickes

Abandoned PA Turnpike
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