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Itinerary Day #2
- - or - -
The Original Reason For This Trip

Things to Bring

  • Bicycle

  •    If you have not already, I would get the bikes "tuned up"; make sure the tires, etc. are in good
       shape (look for dry rot); lube chain (wax-type) & cables; check/tighten spokes, check brakes.
       - - - Start riding. . get in "bike" shape
  • Head light - GOOD one for each bike + at least one back-up light source 

  • (fresh batteries)
    I am thinking of "modifying a "Lantern-Style light"
       example :
  • Blinking bicycle taillight
  • Air Horn
  • Tires inflated to their maximum psi
  • Small bicycle tool kit
  • Tire repair kit, including tools to remove tire from rim.
  • Carrier to haul everything. (back pack???)

  •   Example racks/bags -
  • Cell phone
  • Water (at least 2 water bottles per. . . )
  • "Power/granola bars", fruit to eat in case we are out all day.
  • First aid kit
  • medicine ???? 
  • bee sting stuff ????
  • snake bite kit
  • Binoculars
  • Camera(s)
  • Rain gear ( I am going rain or shine)


    Directions to Sideling Hill Tunnel / Cove Valley Service Plaza
    Many thanks to Rush Wickes

  • Bedford via Breezewood to Shorty's Place (rt. 915) - est. - 22 miles + 4 -6 miles more

  • US 30 east from Breezewood - go up the mountain and cross over the modern Turnpike on an overpass. 

  • Continue up the hill and watch for PA 915 North, which will join up with US 30 briefly and then turn off to your left. 

  • Make a left onto PA 915 North at this point and follow it across another overpass over the modern Turnpike.   Then, you will see an intersection (a fork, I believe), with a road to your right. 

  • Take this road (Pa -LR 29023) to your right and follow it down the mountain -- soon you will be paralleling the modern turnpike on the northern side. 

  • At the base of the descent -- you will come to a 4 way intersection with the worker entrance to the existing PA Turnpike service plaza ahead of you and a road passing underneath the existing turnpike to your right.

  • Make a right here and proceed under the turnpike -- headed South. 

  • About a mile later, the road will come to a four way intersection -- with the primary direction of travel turning off to the left -- you want to continue straight - going onto 'Pumping Station Road'. 

  • Follow this road for about 1.5 miles until you come down a small hill and see an overpass - this is the old Turnpike. 

  • Make a right on what appears to be a small driveway just before reaching the underpass -- this was the access road to the old Cove Valley Service Area.   Continue up the driveway until you reach a Jersey Barrier that has 'no vehicles' stenciled in orange day-glo paint on the top. 

  • Park here and take your bikes around the barriers and continue up for about a 1/2 mile or so.   You will come into the old service area - which later served as a firing range for the State Police (don't worry, it has long been inactive, despite the warnings still posted). 

  • The Sideling Hill Tunnel about 2 miles north of Cove Valley on a very gentle, if roughly paved incline. 
  • Map